Winter Skin Drought – 5 Ways Aloe Shea Body Aids in Great Natural Skin Care During the Dry Months

Winter Skin Drought – 5 Ways Aloe Shea Body Aids in Good Natural Skin Care During the Dry Months




What is Winter Skin Drought?


The cold is a terrifying subject when it comes to good skin care. Whether it be the shortest or longest winter drought, skin is always affected.

In the South, having a poor natural skin care routine can be a uncomfortable, painful experience.

This is because the weather infrequently changes between rainy and humid, cold and windy, and just plain hot.

I have a persistent problem with my eczema during this change between seasons. Every day I suffer from facial skin stiffness, scaly patches, and skin inflammation.

I tried doctor prescribed steroid skin creams but nothing happened. I even went as far as to spend lots of money on calming salves, soaps, etc.

Finally, after years of mediocre results, I was introduced to Aloe Deeki Shea Body Butter.

I can honestly say it has added an extra dimension to how I choose to conduct my daily natural skin care routine. And it has had many benefits for me.

Why is the Aloe Deeki Shea Body so important?

Aloe Shea Body Butter is a combination of two of the most potent natural moisturizers. Aloe Vera is ninety-nine percent water, and Shea Butter’s biochemical properties activate the natural moisturizers released by our sebaceous glands.

1.     Protects the Skin

One of the several ingredients of Aloe Shea Body, aloe vera oil,  is like your skin’s insurance. This is because it rejuvenates and revives the skin, but at a much lower cost than normal insurance (see a pun).

It contains antioxidant-rich vitamins which aid in protecting the skin from dry air, and also shrinks the pores to get rid of acne blemishes or premature wrinkling.

Furthermore, Aloe Shea Body is half of the ingredients of your leading brands and contains no chemicals, however it removes bacteria inflammation from acne pits with skin-restorative hormones. You essentially reach your optimal natural skin care just by using Aloe Shea Body.

2.     Moisturizes the Skin

Aloe Shea Body Butter is the most effective moisturizer for all-over body care. A naturally occurring lipid, it has safe moisturizing properties.

That’s why shea butter is such a staple today in body lotions, body butters, lip balms, hand lotions, soaps, ointments, face creams, and eye creams.

The American Association of Dermatology recommends you use skin care products that match your skin’s needs. This includes eczema, dermatitis or any other relative skin condition.

And that’s perfect if you are considering using Aloe Shea Body. I mean who doesn’t want that natural glowing beauty that comes from excellent organic skin care?

Don’t worry I couldn’t think of anyone either.


3.     Promotes Immediate Relief to the Skin

Soothing eczema and dermatitis, the itchiest skin conditions when salt from sweat (caused by stress, headaches, or general frustration) touches the skin, Aloe Shea Body works best for calming that itch.

Shea butter contains a compound possessing anti-inflammatory properties, which is best for relief on insect bites, rashes and eczema, while it’s natural herbal oils contain 99% percent water which immediately moisturizes dermatitis or scaliness.

4.     Relieves Winter-Dehydrated Skin

Aloe Shea Body’s moisturizing qualities penetrate deep into the skin preventing windburn. It’s perfect for cracked and dry heels, hands, rough elbows and knees.

The present blend of aloe vera and other essential oils,  on the other hand, add vitamins to reconstruct skin cells–which means that it replenishes it. Both contain Butyrospermum parkii, which is great for protection against radiation, even in winter days.

5.     Aloe Shea Body is Not Your Normal Moisturizer

Aloe Shea Body’s was created with the philosophy “more than less”. That  is to say that more periods of moisturizing your skin can contribute to better skin health.

This is because in the cold, all of the healthy micro-organisms on the skin die off when introduced to frigid, dry air.

Aloe Shea Body, when applied, boosts collagen production. Such a process is important because when your body makes collagen, it combines amino acids — nutrients you get from eating protein-rich foods, like beef, chicken, fish, beans, eggs and dairy products. Collage is found throughout the entirety of your body, but when collagen level drop:

  • Wrinkles and age marks develop
  • The skin loses its natural elasticity
  • Shrinking, weakening muscles
  • Gut Health suffers which activates skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, develops

As for skin creams, better yet moisturizers, Aloe Shea Body works. It will add a smooth film-like layer to your skin to reduce water loss and act as a defense against environmental elements.



Although I previously said that certain vitamins, nutrients and collagen can increase natural skin care benefits, there is no alternative for a healthy well, balanced diet and exercise. Our body’s require the essentials to thrive in this every changing world we live in today.

Make Aloe Shea Body part of your daily skin care routine.


Does your body love butter?

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