"Aloe is the Key"

Meet Our Founder

Star Fedd is the proud owner and creator of Aloe’Deeki All Natural Product line. Getting her start with natural remedies as a young child set the foundation for her acquired interest and eventually business investment in natural healing. Through many accounts of childhood bumps and bruises and even illnesses such as ovarian cysts, Star’s Grandmother and Father were always right on time with aloe for aid, and herbal tea remedies for healing. Since the age of 18, Star has sworn by natural essentials, since her traditional doctors were not able to offer her a feasible cure for her cysts. After progress was made due to her father’s herbal remedies, Star knew that natural was the best way to go.

She went on to study and become licensed in Cosmetology where she gained more insight with skin and weight issues. Immediately upon completion of the Middle Grades Teaching Program at Albany State University, Star teamed up with her sister who also took interest in Cosmetology, and together they opened the doors to Adore Beauty and Braiding Salon. They have been proudly serving the public for 19 years! Star kicked it up a notch with the later creation of Aloe’Deeki, which has since been a huge hit and has grown into a full line of Natural Healing and Preventative Care Products. These are made available in Salon to her clients, as well as sold online and shipped internationally.

Aloe’Deeki is an all natural product line that works by improving the actual quality of the skin. This is done by aiding in cell regeneration and facilitating a speedy recovery from various topical and internal issues. Star has accomplished many goals and victories through her products; one of her favorites being the prevention of limb amputation for a man who tried and trusted Aloe’Deeki! She is working to progress and grow her company for mass production, and turn Aloe’Deeki into a well-known household name. Star hopes that her journey will carry others and help them get into position for a life they love, as well as inspiring others to use their natural gifts to become entrepreneurs and business owners behind their passions.

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