You Probably Have Candida...RIGHT NOW!

You wash every day or two (only sometimes, though!). You make sure to scrub, condition, wash, dry, then apply lotion – the whole skincare routine you’ve seen on TikTok (although, the best skincare routine is right here:

It’s starting to annoy you. You’re picking at it and it’s only growing. Your doctor definitely doesn’t know what it is so they’ll have to run tests.

People around you may not know what this is, but I bet I do. It’s a type of fungus that breeds in your gut, mouth, throat, and even your vagina.

It’s terrible name is Candida (no, not Canada!) A type of yeast.

But is Candida related to a lot of skin issues?

Yes, yes it is. And it’s surprisingly common.

As a matter of fact, a friend of mine works at a confectionary plant. He got tired, didn’t have the energy to do anything, and after Googling his symptoms he self-diagnosed himself with Candida.

(He actually didn’t have it. He was actually malnutritioned, but that’s for another day.)

Don’t be my friend and self-diagnose yourself.

But he was coming from the right place: Candida overgrowth can occur anywhere inside of you (even your brain!) if your diet is bad enough. He would eat nothing but honeybuns and other such confections, with no real nutritional intake. His body would have been a breeding ground for Candida if he did have it.

They’re horrendous microorganisms that eat excess lactose, sugar, and even carbs.

That means you really have to watch what you eat.

Anyway, it’s no surprise that digestive health is directly related to skin problems, as we’ve covered here 

But yeast? Growing inside of us? 

We take care of our bodies every day. We eat healthy, sometimes…okay, not as much as we should. But yeast?


But like any hardcore infection there has to be a way to ease its symptoms.

And that is….Aloe Deeki’s Divine Mud. 


I haven’t tried it myself – but I’m sure Divine Mud by itself will not cure a yeast infection. Usually you need probiotics and a change in diet (less milk, sugar, carbs) so don’t be fooled.

But what Divine Mud can do is make sure that you don’t get any adverse skin diseases from Candida.

Because at the end of the day Candida is a type of fungus – like yeast – that infects the digestive tract. It still causes health issues like a normal disease.

(IBS, which affects 15% of people! Read more here)

Candida creates a large list of potential skincare issues. The most common is called cutaneous candidiasis wherein the fungus spreads to the creases or folds of your body.

If you want to read the full list, I suggest checking out this amazing site

Hopefully you’ve learned something new about candida – like how it lives, where it grows, and what it’s soothed by – and can safely say you’ve enjoyed this article.

If If you did, I would absolutely suggest Divine Mud. 

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