The Only Natural Painkiller You’ll Ever Need: Poppy Painless

The world is in an epidemic that isn’t the Coronavirus . We’re talking about painkillers.

Opioids rule many Americans (and it’s worn that crown since the 1800s!).

They’ve been spreading
their reign across the globe since
humans invented them, but with
everyone staying idle due to the coronavirus, they’ve only grown in popularity.

Plus, with rappers and musical artists spreading the word to the younger generation, it’s no wonder that they’ve swept the

They’re trendy. But I believe I’ve found an alternative method of easing pain that isn’t Yoga or Meditation. And it’s just as natural.

It’s Emu Oil.

As far back as we can remember: Australian natives have used emu oil. They’ve used it to help in the mending of wounds and to treat skin conditions as far-going as acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, and shingles.

And they’ve even used it for hair care; because it’s said to

actually grow hair, add sparkle, control dandruff, dispense with split finishes, and stall baldness.

Emu oil secures our skin’s current dampness – so no wonder why it’s so effective.

Funnily enough, it’s even used as a bug repellent (aside from mosquitos!Emu Oil really pulls those in!).

On top of that, it’s said to treat irradiated skin, like diseases and sunburn.

But why is it so good

What makes Emu Oil so magical?

Well, the reasons are all credited to omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 unsaturated fats which repress the cyclooxygenase (COX) chemical. Like Voltaren (diclofenac) and other nonsteroidal calming drugs (NSAIDs).



Due to the unsaturated fats, emu oil eases intense pains like joint agony. It even helps calm indications of wrinkles, scars, and imperfections by supporting the skin cells! How nice.

But where’s the proof?

The proof comes directly from Australia, where Emu oil has been used to accelerate the mending of skin wounds and burned spots. A few investigations have affirmed its conventional uses including this Chinese examination distributed in 2005:


Scientists applied emu oil to the burn spots of 144 rodents and noticed the outcome. They were all positive.

What did they find?

They found that the irritation and radiation of the injury was reduced. Sicknesses, pains, and viruses in the rats were dodged; the wounds healed more rapidly following the utilization of emu oil, and there were no unfavorable results.

On account of these amazing mitigating properties, emu oil can help hinder torment related with joint pain and other joint conditions like gout.

But is there any way to make Emu Oil better?

Well, we found that emu oil is a superb transporter. That means it can help other pain-relieving substances like menthol arrive far below the skin’s surface, far quicker than normal.


That’s why we here at Aloe’deeki​​ love our ‘Poppy​ Painless’​. It’s mainly emu oil and other natural remedies (mainly pain relievers). So with our product, you don’t have to use creams for recuperating cuts, consumes, or wounds.

Which means you don’t have to spend extra money. Youcan just purchase and spray!


The linoleic vitamin in emu oil has constructive outcomes that may even:

  • Sprout hair follicles in wounded areas


  • Offer defense from scarring


  • Helps age spots


  • Erase skin inflammation scars.
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